This weekend was our first full weekend spent at home with no plans for months! We spent all day Saturday cleaning and sorting the conservatory to make way for my new tumble drier (which is what I spent my 30th birthday money on!) and yesterday I was out in the garden all day giving the chickens house and food and water containers a really good scrub. Not at all a glamorous weekend but it was exactly what we needed after a hectic few months and it feels so good to start to get vaguely organised! Ready for some busy weekends now though! We’ve got 4 more friends 30th celebrations in the next few weeks-can’t wait!

A-busy-sunday-in-the-garden1 A-busy-sunday-in-the-garden2 A-busy-sunday-in-the-garden3 A-busy-sunday-in-the-garden4 A-busy-sunday-in-the-garden5 A-busy-sunday-in-the-garden6 A-busy-sunday-in-the-garden7 A-busy-sunday-in-the-garden8 A-busy-sunday-in-the-garden9 A-busy-sunday-in-the-garden10