It was such a privilege to be involved in the garden for the DIY SOS big build for Children in Need! Spotted us in a few shots on the program tonight (Vic standing on a rock being bossy)! Here are a few snaps of the build that I can share with you now that the show has aired. If you missed it tonight, you can catch up on iPlayer!

DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need4 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need5 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need6 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need3 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need7 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need8 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need2 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need15 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need14 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need13 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need12 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need11 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need10 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need9 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need1 DIY-SOS-for-children-in-need16

Click here to see more photos!