Take a look at my article in June’s Swansea Life for some ideas on growing in containers:


Growing in pots

You can grow pretty much anything in a pot or container- herbs, fruit, vegetables, flowers and even trees! There are a huge range of containers available in all different shapes and sizes -the bigger the better.  A big pot will be much easier to maintain – you will need to water it less and the plants inside will have more room to grow and be much happier! I would recommend a minimum diameter of about 50cm.


Make sure your chosen container has good drainage holes and then fill it up with a peat free multi-purpose compost.

If you’re new to gardening, keep it simple to start with- try some colourful bedding plants for a bit of summer colour. Most herbs will be very  happy in a pot and lavender is a brilliant choice for a sunny patio. A shallow pot with alpines or succulents looks stunning on a garden table, and you can even create a small pond in a pot! We made a series of pot ponds for a client in Cardiff a few years ago and they have attracted frogs, newts and lots of birds who use them to drink and bathe.

Growing in a pot allows you to control the ground conditions and is an easy way to garden if you have a difficult garden – such as heavy clay soil or a garden full of builder’s rubble as is so often the case with new build houses!

Containers are also a great way to contain the growth of particularly vigorous plants such as mint or even bamboo.


If you’ve got a really large container you could plant a small tree, such as an Acer, or try the gorgeous Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’. You could even sow a mini meadow in a large trough!

Anything planted in a container will need a little bit more TLC than plants in the ground. As well as regular watering (at least a couple of times a week) it is a good idea to give your plants a regular feed during the growing season to make sure they get all the nutrients they need to keep them looking at their best- I find liquid seaweed works well.

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