Our Big Green Egg obsession...


It is no secret that we LOVE cooking outdoors- over an open fire, in a pizza oven or even keeping it super simple with a bucket BBQ on the beach. But, without question, our absolute favourite way to cook outdoors has to be on our Big Green Egg.

Big Green Eggs are the ultimate barbecue - used in top restaurants all over the world with a cult following of chefs and foodies (who call themselves Big Green Egg Heads!). If your friends haven’t got one yet, then you may have seen one on a cooking show on TV (lots of chefs including Raymond Blanc use them regularly) or even on David Beckham’s Instagram- he is a big fan of his!

But if you have not seen or heard of them before you are probably wondering what on earth I am talking about! So I will fill you in….

Big Green Egg, Outdoor Kitchen Garden Design - Victoria Wade Landscape Architecture

A Big Green Egg is a ceramic barbecue that fuses modern cooking techniques with the design of a Japanese Kamado cooking pot and Indian tandoor. They are really versatile as the temperature can be controlled precisely allowing you to grill like you would on a traditional barbecue, bake and roast like you would in an oven, or smoke “low and slow” smokehouse style.

They are available in a range of size and price options (from around £500 - £3,000) and they even boast that their largest model can fit a whole suckling pig!

They are fueled using charcoal, and the culinary opportunities they provide are endless - they are a must have for any foodie’s garden in my opinion.

They do take a bit of getting used to, as the way you cook on them goes against the way you may be used to cooking on a traditional barbecue. For example, the lid needs to be kept down at all times for efficient cooking - as the Big Green Egg saying goes … “if you’re looking, you’re not cooking”!!

We are going to share our tips and tricks over the next few months of how to make the most of your Big Green Egg - starting with how to light it and control the temperature and then sharing our favourite easy recipes to get you started on your Big Green Egg cooking journey.

Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to know, and I will do my best to answer your questions in a future blog post.

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